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Petite Pots, Tonka & Oud

Petite Pots, Tonka & Oud

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Our New Tonka & Oud, natural wax melt opens with top notes of honeysuckle & geranium. Mid tones of black pepper, tonka bean, rosewood, and base notes of creamy sandalwood, whitewoods, musk, and Vetiver.


Simply pop the melt out of the pot and place it into one of our wax melt liners, and place it on top of your burner. This will make it much easier when you come to change to a new melt. No more cleaning, and the liners are reusable.

Each pot contains approximately 1oz per pot. Burn time: Up to 48 hours per pot.

Please note that the decorative botanicals will vary.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free.