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Hello, and welcome to Wood & Bates, a homegrown company, founded over a bond of friendship, motherhood and a love of hands-on creativity and craft. Our relationship grew out of a shared experience of raising children who face the challenges of autism and severe anxiety, experiencing the world through a wider spectrum of difficulty and beauty. They continually remind us of the power of sense, and the potency and immediacy that children so effortlessly engage with. This led us in the strange, roundabout way that life does, to create something in tune with one of the most essential, and evocative senses we have: Smell. A scent has the power to bring us back to a cherished memory or moment in time. It can console us, excite us, allow us to live and be in the present, something that is ever increasingly difficult to acquire in the hustle and bustle of modern life. From the beginning we knew we wanted to use the best ingredients, emphasising quality and sustainability in creating our range of luxury wax melt products. Each item is lovingly created and packaged in our homes and delivered to you with the aim of helping you cherish the beauty and necessity of living in the present.

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