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Leaf Collection Lavender Essential Oil, Wax Melts

Leaf Collection Lavender Essential Oil, Wax Melts


In the Leaf Collection, you will receive a selection of hand-poured soy wax melts in the shape of spring leaves. Each leaf is infused with our beautiful Lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil, with its unique floral-herbaceous aroma, is a cornerstone in aromatherapy.

Renowned for its calming and soothing properties, it's ideal for stress relief and promoting restful sleep.

Simply remove a melt from the packaging and place it into one of our wax melt liners, and place it on top of your burner. This will make it much easier when you come to change to a new fragrance.

No more cleaning, and the liners are reusable.

Contains: Approximately 50g off soy wax melts.

Vegan French and Cruelty-Free.

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