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Charity Collection

Charity Collection


We are very proud to say we have designed this exclusive range in support of Kent Autistic Trust. 10% of the profits from each box sold will be donated to the trust.



(Māori word meaning in your own space and time )

This melt represents its Māori meaning – IN YOUR OWN SPACE AND TIME.

We have chosen a deep, rich scent that takes away the feeling of the everyday routine and has a clean smell with the hint of sea minerals. Each melt is topped with a daisy – the hardiest of plants that thrive almost anywhere.

Most people’s milestones are part of a standard plan. It wasn’t like that for our Asd children, leaving me disheartened at times. But we don’t all develop at the same rate. Some of us never reach the milestones. Can you draw like an artist? Solve maths problems? Run a marathon?

This got me thinking. Our milestones are not a tick in the box on life’s path to being the same as everyone else - they are a personal celebration!

When our child doesn’t crawl at 6 months as expected, doesn’t potty train or

sleep in its bed or speak the right words at the prescribed dates, we are made to feel that we as parents are failing and so is our child. But we are all different.

So, take note – Takiwātanga applies to us all – IN YOUR OWN SPACE AND TIME – and sometimes never!

Let’s ENJOY SUCCESSES ON OUR OWN TERMS – not chase someone else’s goals.

Embrace the COLOUR and JOY your child gives and celebrate in your own space and time!



Living life by the seat of your pants or just hanging on for dear life. You never know when the meltdown may happen or how it will manifest, but when it does, you have to turn into one of four things:

The negotiator

With likeness to a MI5 spy, I reckon I could negotiate my way out of most things! Our children have given us more survival skills than any training course for hostage situations.

The distractor

This doesn’t always work, but I tend to start here. My handbag contains more and more random things as time goes by. I have a measuring tape for every occasion (my daughter has a fondness for them).

The scapegoat

Sometimes it’s just easier and you don’t have the energy. I agree to impossible things.

It was my fault that you ate that chocolate snack, then got it all over your clothes.

It was my fault that your teacher, grandparent , or stranger walking past didn’t guess that on Minecraft this morning, your building block did not fit in the right place.

The self-defence expert

If you’re not as quick as Jackie Chan you’ll probably be hit by a flying object!

Our melt for this is citrus – a grapefruit scent known for promoting balance of mood and to relieve stress and lower blood pressure. It is topped with calendula flowers that help muscles relax.



Have you ever asked yourself when you last had a good night’s sleep?

If you’re one of the few parents of a child on the autistic spectrum that does sleep soundly every night, you won’t understand what I’m on about.

We mixed lavender and chamomile in a subtle scent. Lavender is well known for calming anxiety and can really help our little people.

You can burn this in any room you like (the bedroom may not always be where your child

comes to rest). They may be sleeping, holding your hand, or pressing against your face because they fear EVERYTHING as soon as “bedtime” is mentioned.

I can’t promise it will stop the 500 questions that need answers. You may still have to hear “I can’t sleep” and “it’s boring”. There will, of course, be the need for a drink for the child who is suddenly thirsty - and don’t forget the 20 snacks they demand! And the spontaneous need for a lengthy chat about something random or important, leaving your brain whirring.

Once you are past the reassurance stage from all the above and you are still lying next to the bag of worms that is showing no sign of sleep, just breathe in and remember you are not alone

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