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Eco-friendly Dishwashing Set with a Cloth.

Eco-friendly Dishwashing Set with a Cloth.


Transform your kitchen cleaning routine with our plastic-free, eco-friendly dishwashing set. This thoughtfully curated duo includes:

Handpour Sweet Orange Solid Dish Soap

Wooden-Handled Sisal Dish Brush

Solid Dish Soap:

Our plastic-free solid dish soap is a powerhouse against tough kitchen stains. Infused with refreshing Sweet Orange essential oil, its unique formula tackles even the dirtiest jobs on dishes and counters. Say goodbye to stubborn grease and sauce stains with this easy-to-grip, all-in-one cleaning solution.

Key Features:

Plastic-free and eco-friendly

Made with natural Sweet Orange essential oil

Effective against tough grease and stains

Hand knitted organic cotton dishcloth:

Complete your eco-friendly dishwashing routine with our durable cotton cloth. The natural fibres provide effective scrubbing power, while the natural cotton offers a comfortable grip and rustic charm.

Make a positive impact on the environment while keeping your kitchen sparkling clean with this sustainable dishwashing set.

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